Dad's French Toast
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The frech toast that I grew up with was just sliced sandwich bread, dipped in a plain egg and milk mixture, and then fried. Over the years I upped the egg mixture ingredients to make more a custard. I also use a better quality bread, but a good quality sandwich bread will still work in a pinch. This what our daughter wants for breakfast these days.

1 loaf country style bread
6 eggs, beaten
4 tbls half-n-half or milk
1/4 tsp real vanilla
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp (scant) fine salt
1 pinch (~1/8 tsp) cinnamon
a few grates fresh nutmeg (~1/16)
butter for frying

Slice the bread about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick. Let the bread sit out, preferably, for a couple of hours. Or even overnight. It will soak up the custard better if it's a little dried out.

Mix the eggs and milk (or half-n-half) in a flat bottomed container (you want to be able to lay the bread flat of the bottom for even coating). Add the vanilla, sugar, salt, cinnamon, and fresh grated nutmeg. Mix very well with a fork or a small whisk.

Place the bread slices in the custard mixture and coat well. Turn the bread over and coat the other side. You want to let it sit long enough for the egg mixture to reach the middle of the bread, but not long enough for the bread to become soggy and fall apart. Remove the bread slice and let the excess egg mixture dip off.

Place the bread slices in a lightly buttered hot griddle and cook until golden brown on the bottom. Turn over, and cook to golden brown on the second side. You want the custard bread to be cooked all the way through (you can flip another time or two if needed to keep the cooking even). Remove each slice of french toast from the pan with done, and place on a plate to keep warm.

Serve with you favorite syrup. Or sprinkle with powdered sugar, and top with jelly or preserves.

Cliff Note: Make plenty and freeze the extras. The slices will defrost quickly, and warm them in the toaster for a quick weekday breakfast.