Grilled Venison Bacon Burgers
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Family members usually keep us well supplied with vension, even if I don't get a chance to hunt that much myself. So, we are always looking for ways to use the ground venision (for something else than chili, that is).

This is the result of my first attempts at cooking a venison burger. I knew that I needed to add some fat to the meat. But I didn't have any pork or beef fat in the freezer (yes, I do save fat in the freezer to add to meat that we ground ourselves). Then I thought of bacon! Great idea, but it took a tweaks to get them perfected.

1 lb ground venison
1/4 lb bacon, finely chopped
1 tbls butter, melted
1 slice sandwich bread, crust removed
1/4 cup milk
grill seasoning spice mix
hamburger buns

Start by soaking the bread in the milk, and melting the butter. Then finely chopping the bacon (you want it about the same consistency as the ground venison).

Place the ground venison in a mixing bowl. Add the chopped bacon and melted butter. Remove the bread from the milk, and squeeze out the excess milk, and add to the ground meat mixture. Mix all the ingredients well (this is the time to use your hands).

Form into bun sized patties. There will be very little shrinkage in this burgers as they cook. Sprinkle on your favorite buger or steak seasoning mix. Grill, preferably over a hot charcoal fire, until cooked to your desired doneness. Serve on the bun with your favority condiments and toppings. A strong flavored cheeze goes very well on these burgers.


Cliff Note: I sometimes add a couple of tablespoons of freash diced sweet onions into the meat mixture for variety.