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Travelogue of Our Roamings

Fall and Spring of 2007 / 2008


Brownsville | Wichita | San Antonio | Rock Hill | Tucson | Tulsa - Gordonville

Houston, Texas

So, I arrived back in Houston. I checked into my hotel, changed clothes, and headed downtown to sign my work contract and paperwork. I started to work the following Monday. The job position that they finally settled me into was not one of the ones we initially discussed, but was very similar to a position I had worked several years ago. It was where they needed my help the most in the few months I was promising them to stay in Houston.

While I was starting to work Anna returned to Oklahoma for a last visit before we spend the next six months in Houston. We probably will not get to travel much, or see the families for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Returning to Gordonville, Anna started packing up the rest of our travel belongings, and getting ready to join me in Houston.

I had to move hotels because the cheaper one that I was staying at would not take the dog when Anna moved down. We expected to spend a week or two in the Hotel after she arrived, looking for an apartment. Anna made the trip without any problems. She had a good prospect on a job at a hospital in a small city just north of Houston. So we started looking for the apartment on the north side of town, instead of the south side as we had been thinking before. After all the moving and spending time apart, we were eager to find a place to live.

Our apartment for this stay, that we got to pick out this time, is at the Lake Bridge Apartments. Anna really likes these apartments. They are clean and freshly painted. The complex seems to be very quite. We live near the back, with our balcony overlooking a small lake between the buildings. The apartments are also very close to several of our favorite restaurants. Since getting back to Houston we have really been indulging ourselves at some wonderful places that have not gotten to eat at for over 2 years. Check our Restaurant Review page for details on these places.

Just days after moving in Anna returned to Dallas with a friend of hers to accompany her to a doctor's appointment. Then after only being back a few days, she found that her Mother was going to have surgery. She again packed up her clothes, and got back on the road. Everything went very well with the surgery. Anna stay a few extra days, and then returned to Houston.

A couple of weeks after that Anna started her job. She did wind up getting Thanksgiving off. We had a wonderful lunch with friends here in Houston, and then drove back to Gordonville to meet her parents the following day. Due to ice and snow that arrived that weekend, Anna and I decided to return to Houston a day early. With our many travels and both of us working we have not made any sightseeing trips yet. But we have a long list of favorite places that we want to return to visit.

To Be Continued......

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